Lithuanian Mail Order Brides

Would you like to date a woman who looks just like a supermodel? Lithuanian brides are hot, stunning and charming. There are a lot of American men who would like to date women from Eastern Europe. Lithuanian women are famous for their elegant look, blond hair, slim bodies, and beautiful eyes. You can check for Lithuanian girls photos and see how wonderful those ladies look.

Unfortunately, Lithuania is not a very popular country, so people don’t know much about it. Lithuanian is located near the Baltic Sea. It has a pretty nature which is probably why women here are so attractive. It has a soft climate and a lot of sunny days in a year. It seems like local girls are kissed by the sun. They look very natural, their skin is soft and silky, their hair is blond and shiny and their eyes are magnetic.

Those men who come to Lithuania for the first time say that local women do look like models. So, Lithuania is a perfect place to search for a bride. However, their attractive look is not the only one thing that makes men want to date them. Local girls make great wives due to their upbringing, traditions, and culture. Do you want to know more about Lithuanian mail order brides? Follow the article and find more interesting information about beautiful girls of Lithuania.

Characteristics of Lithuanian Brides

In the beginning, it would be best to say that Lithuania once belonged to the Soviet Union. It tells a lot. They are traditional, they are hard-working and tough. These ladies are not scared of difficulties and they know how to overcome challenges. But they don’t look tough. They look elegant, romantic and soft. Lithuanian women can be compared to Scandinavian women, they look quite similar but they have different qualities. They still keep traditions, the same that their grandparents had three generations before.

Lithuanian Women Are Good Wives

It’s true. Local brides make wonderful wives who support their husbands. They value strong bonds and dream of meeting reliable and honest men to create families. Once married to a woman from Lithuania, you will feel happy and satisfied. These women value independence but they still prefer to follow their husbands. They respect men, so finding smart and intelligent lifetime partners for them is very important. They dream of having a happy family with children.

They Successfully Combine Family and Career

They manage to be perfect wives and build up a career. Local women don’t like the idea of being housewives only. They are smart, intelligent and they like to develop in a professional field. So, it would be silly to try to keep your Lithuanian wife at home looking after the house, cook and take care of children. They are modern, they study hard, they speak English and they are very interesting to chat with.

Unlike Asian women, Lithuanian don’t want to have more than 2 children. It’s because they also enjoy to work and want to give all the care and love that they have to their children when they have free time. If you see yourself being married to a modern woman who enjoys her work and loves her family, you have a high chance to make your dream come true with a girl from Lithuania.

Effective Ways to Date Women from Lithuania

Once you know a few facts about Lithuanian girls, you can start dating them successfully. So follow these three simple tips and enjoy dating those charming girls online:

Be Friendly

Lithuanian are funny and chatty. They are quite easy-going, so you can discuss with them different topics. They don’t like silence. Tell them about yourself and become interested in their habits and hobbies.
Courtesy. As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, Lithuanians come from the Soviet Union. Local women are still a bit old-school when it comes to dating. Ordering flowers and calling via video chat on a dating site are the best ways to show how romantic you are.

Keep Your Dirty Jokes to Yourself

Local women have good manners, they are elegant and carry themselves like true ladies, so it’s easy to push them away by telling them dirty jokes and swearing. Instead, show your good manners and compliment on their nice look.

Best Places to Meet Lithuanian Women

Luckily, international dating has become very popular, so now singles from around the world can meet, date and fall in love regardless of distance. If you became interested in women from Lithuania, here are the most popular cities where men search for beautiful brides:

  • Vilnius
  • Kaunas
  • Klaipeda

These are the three biggest and most visited cities in Lithuania. When you start searching for single Lithuanian women online, you will see that most girls come from these cities. Using dating services is more than easy. All you have to do to register at a dating site, provide your information and describe how your ideal wife should look and what qualities she should have. Why do you have to do it? Modern mail order bride services use a matching algorithm. What does it mean? This is a special tool that pairs singles by similar information. So, for example, if you search for a woman for a serious relationship only, who doesn’t smoke, and who don’t have kids, then a dating site will suggest you profiles of brides who match these requirements. It’s really easy and effective. It saves your time and helps to meet women who you have a high chance to make a perfect match with.

Best Dating Site to Meet Lithuanian Women

What are the best dating sites to meet beautiful Lithuanian women? Review the list of top-rated international dating services to find your perfect bride:


To make online dating easier for you and tell you how it works, we are going to write short reviews of each mail order bride service, so you can choose the one that meets your criteria the best.

This is the biggest international dating sites that has become extremely popular because of single girls from Eastern Europe. Here you will see profiles of stunning Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and of course, Lithuanian women. The website has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Among the best features that it offers are extended search tool, video chat, gifts delivery, and matching algorithm. Register for free, create your profile and browse through informative profiles of the hottest blond girls in the world.

The name of this mail order bride service speaks for itself. Find your perfect match by filling in your profile and providing requirements towards your perfect bride. Search for your future wife by the city, age, marital status, and similar interests. You can also search for women by the look. Do you like tall or petite women? Do blue or green-eyed girls attract you? The extended search feature will help you to find a woman who suits the image of your ideal bride.

This is the dating sites where single girls from Eastern Europe and Lithuania, in particular, want to date men from the West. There is a huge number of sexy young girls and mature women who have never been married or who are divorced. View their profiles with detailed information and high-quality photos. Save the hottest brides to your list of favorites singles, send text and voice messages, chat via video and develop a romantic relationship by sending flowers and other nice gifts to pretty Lithuanian girls.

How to Avoid Lithuanian Brides Scams

Online dating has a lot of benefits but it’s easy to get in troubles with a scam. In order to avoid fraud when searching for a bride on the Internet, use only reliable services. You are lucky to find this article and the list of the best dating sites. These services are free of scam and guarantee a safe and pleasant dating experience.,, and have good reputation and feedback. Since all three mail order bride services offer free registration, you can try all three of them and choose the one where you feel the most comfortable.


Meeting and dating cute Lithuanian ladies is worthy. These ladies will impress you with their unique look, nice personalities and romantic attitude to a relationship. If you have always been wanting to find a woman who would be romantic, smart, honest and loyal, go for dating on the Internet, you just one step away from meeting a woman like that. Don’t delay trying Lithuanian women dating out and join of the above-mentioned dating services today.