Want to have a Lithuanian girl as your wife? You need to know some facts about dating culture which girls in Lithuania have. First of all, there are a few ways of starting dating. You can find a girl you want on different online platforms for dating. There are a lot of opportunities to find a perfect relationship and maybe later, even for marriage.

If you want to meet Lithuanian girl in real life, you need to know some tips about how to act. Start with a simple talk. You can make a compliment about her style or appearance — girls here like when men say pleasant words about them. Friendly conversation is a good idea to start communication. You can tell some facts about yourself. Do not forget to listen to what she says about herself. She will see that you are interested in her person and will gladly keep on talking. It is the first step of the whole dating culture.

Lithuanian Women Lifestyle

One of the things which are essential for Lithuanian women is style. They will look at how you dress. It can show what kind of person you are. Lithuanian ladies like when men wear casual clothes and know how to combine that. It is quite popular in this country to wear the same clothes together. Hundreds of couples wear similar clothes and that looks so romantic.

Women in Lithuania do not like when men are late. They respect when people are punctual. It shows that this person knows something about etiquette. All the girls here are well-educated and have good manners. So they are looking for a man with the same features. While you are talking and acting she will be monitoring you. She will listen to you trying to understand you and how you live.

Lithuanian women know that their family is the most important thing in their life. They appreciate all the members of their big families. It is always on the first place for them. In future husbands, they will look for the same things. They want you to love their own family and understand that it is the only thing you have. It is the most important thing that could ever be.

Dating culture here means that you need to understand the life of your date and know what she wants from her man. It is like the things she is looking for. That is why it is essential to know the culture of the girl you want to date. If you see her side of dating, you will understand what to do to make her happy.

Lithuanian Dating Customs

A man like in other countries is said to be a protection for the girl. You need to pay attention to know what is going on in your date`s life. Women in Lithuania like when men take care and ask them common questions like how was your day and so on.

This is well-known that man should pay. Sometimes women want to look independent. They ask to pay the bill or for example, buy tickets in the cinema by themselves. Here man should say that he will pay. For dinner, tickets and so on. It is always the man`s job to cover different expenses. It can not be called as it is a rule. It is a thing that every well-educated person knows. It can also be said about offering to carry bags or briefcases. If you see that it is heavy, offer to take it. The girl will like this action.  It can also show her that you have good manners.

Relationship Tips

As it was said earlier, Lithuanian girls love their families and always put them in the first place. They spend a lot of time with their relatives. So it can be cold like some kind of custom. When a couple goes to guests, friends or relatives, they usually go together. That shows that their feelings are real and their relationship is serious. It also usually happens when a couple spends an evening with relatives together. They like to spend it together, as it is like a couple of goals.

In a relationship, you have to respect each other. It is very important if it goes about a serious and real relationship. Also, do not forget to respect her friends and people she communicates with. She needs to understand that you believe her so she could believe you. It is a very good thing when you love someone.

Dating in Lithuania

Here is a little guide on how to date with a Lithuanian girl if you are a foreigner. If you do not have an opportunity to go to that country, you can always use different online dating platforms. They will help you as there are a lot of single ladies who are looking for their love. Here is a list of the most popular websites which have already helped thousands of people around the world to find the real love of their lives:

  • AsianFeels;
  • LoveSwans;
  • MatchTruly;
  • RomanceTale;
  • UkrainianCharm;
  • VictoriaHearts;
  • JollyRomance;
  • EasternHoneys.com.


Girls from Lithuania are very beautiful and gorgeous ladies. Hundreds of men fall in love with them. If you want to have a serious relationship or even be married, you need to know something about dating culture in their country. They appreciate not only their families and traditions.

The culture of dating is also important for them and they are happy to have shoe customs of dating and so on. If you are interested in a single Lithuanian girl, get to know how to start a conversation with her and how to act. You will find out that they are not those simple girls. They need to find a good man with who they will be ready for marriage. They are looking for some type of men. So you need to know that information, that will help you a lot.

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